Destroying a Partner’s Happiness


Refusal to Attend

There are times when a person’s ability to side track their partner from successful planning and execution of their event plans does not work, so the next step is a refusal to attend the festivities. It is often done in a manner that invites an argument between them, so it can make the partner doing all the work feel as if they are unappreciated. This type of behaviour is childish, yet it is often quite successful in achieving their goal of ensuring their partner is as miserable as possible.


By ensuring they will have an excuse to avoid going to the festivities, people who engage in this type of behaviour believe they have the upper hand. They might miss out on having a good time, but they know they are in control of their partner’s feelings. Their belief is that their lack of attendance will embarrass their partner, or they could believe the person is miserable without them. In the end, it could simply turn out that their partner finally sees through their behaviour and decides it is best to leave the relationship.