Destroying a Partner’s Happiness


Last Minute Changes

Couples always have their differences, but they can break up the relationship when the balance between them becomes canted too far to one side. A person who always feels they have to do most of the work could eventually become tired, and their partner might see it as a way to control them. For those who find their partner is constantly making last minute changes to their plans, the thought of finding a new partner could cross their mind when there is no resolution.

Arranging any event to be successful involves getting all the details just right, so a partner who chooses to change things just before an important event occurs can create chaos. When it occasionally happens, it can be excused. A partner doing it whenever something is important to their significant other will often be seen as destructive, and their lack of responsibility and caring can be an indication they have no respect for their partner.

Drama is something many people would rather avoid in their personal life, but those who refuse to assist in making plans only to change them at the last minute are the ones who are seeking a dramatic way to be viewed. Their need for attention shows they have no concern for the feelings of their partner, and their selfishness can tear apart the relationship between them. Giving up control should be something they are willing to do when they do not want the responsibility of planning, and they should have enough respect to simply do as their partner asks.

It can be frustrating to live with a partner who refuses to take responsibility, but it can turn to anger when they suddenly decide to make changes where none are necessary. For those living in this situation, making plans to leave as soon as possible could be their best opportunity for a better life.